Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 Years

7 years...  

Has it really only been 7 years?   Because it seems like it was a lifetime ago. 

No, it couldn't possibly have already been that long.     But, it also it feel so recent.

7 years next week, the day after Thanksgiving actually, will be the anniversary of when I knew that the Rooster loved me the way I loved him.

7 years...

...since I found out that there would be no more first dates.

...since my heart felt whole.  Really, really whole.

...since I knew, that I knew, that I knew what truly being  in love felt like. 

...since I knew what being in loved back felt like.  

...since I knew I was the most beautiful girl to the only person I wanted to feel that way about me.

...since I first tried on his last name.     

...since I pictured the precious babies that would be part of our lives one day.

...since I told him I cared deeply for him and his reply to me was that he more than cared about me, but that he loved me and knew that he would always love me.  

7 years...

...and the dates aren't as frequent

...but, the wholeness of my heart has grown as our love has grown into a deeper, stronger, more mature love

...and my confidence in knowing, that I know, that I know, that I know I am still in love with him equal to my confidence of knowing that he is still in love with me 

...and I know he still thinks I'm the prettiest girl he knows because he tells me frequently.   Even when I don't agree.   Especially when I don't agree.

...and that last name is now mine. well as our two precious babies'. 

...and I know that the promise he made me 7 years ago that he is going to love me always is a promise he's keeping.  

I love you, baby!  

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