Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Things You Likely Didn't Need to Know About Me

10.  I apparently think things need to be a count down opposed to a count up.  

9.    I have a zit on my chin that is roughly the same size as my nose.  

8.   I find cleaning my house very relaxing.  

7.   I don't relax often. 

6.   My very favorite smell in the world is the smell of Bub's head when he's been outside and sweating.   Love it!  Wish I could bottle that stuff up!

5.   I've had several people tell me over the past few weeks they enjoy reading my blog.  I always wonder if what they really mean is, "LeeAnn, I had no idea you were so odd." 

4.   I have a feeling that admitting I love the smell of sweaty little boy is going to up my odd factor.  

3.  No matter where my children are at in the house if they hear the theme songs to The Office, Deadliest Catch, or Whale Wars they drop whatever they are doing, run to the living room, and dance with everything they got. 

2.  Goose does not approve if I try to join in the dancing.  

1.  I think Goose thinks I'm odd, too.  

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