Monday, May 9, 2011

10 Things I Love About the Rooster

The Rooster and I have been married for 6 years.  The marriage was the result of two years of when the Rooster came a courtn' and decided he wanted to put a ring on it.  That's almost 8 years for mathematically challenged readers. 

When our relationship began, I was just a wee babe.  He was 7 years my elder robbed the proverbial cradle.   In our time together he has gotten older, as most people do over the years.   I, on the other hand, have not.   Amazing, really.  

And yes, that is a picture of a picture.  Don't judge.  

But, back then, when he was 8 years younger and I was the exact same age I am now, our lives were fairly different than they are now.  


We went out at least two nights a week.

We made plans spontaneously.  

He would try to help me keep beat to songs on the radio by clapping along.  

We would talk about our future.  


We go out about twice every 6 months.

Plans are made weeks in advanced and are dependent upon no one getting sick.  

He has figured out I'm tone deaf and turns up the radio if I try to sing along.  

We try to be completely present in the present everyday.  

Life has changed, but he's still the same guy I fell in love years ago.  So with no further ado, here is 10 (of many) Things I Love About the Rooster

10.   He is a great dancer.  Unless he starts singing.   Then it's just time to go home.  

9.  Anytime there is a mouse within a 10 mile radius of our house, he takes care of it.  And by take care of it, I mean he doesn't let me know it was ever born because he knows I will threaten to move.  

8.  He does the laundry!  As in, all of the laundry!    Every week!

7.  He does the laundry!  I love that one so much it is worth mentioning again.  

6.   He loves and is really good to our family (ours, his, and mine).  

5.   He has more sayings than there are children in Buttbust City.   So go get your  run out as you dance with the one who brought you because he is very handy .   Face!

4.  The dog listens to him.   This really should be number one because he is the only reason the dog is not been turned into to Scooby Snacks.   Scoobs is eternally grateful.  

3.   He works hard.  And by saying he works hard, I mean that he watches Youtube videos, quotes lines from The Office, and makes $1 dollar bets on who can balance a pencil on their nose the longest with his work buddies.    (I'm kidding....   he hasn't had time for those frivolous bets with the Kentucky Derby going on this past weekend.   Nevermind all they hail he's been dealing with of late.)

2.   He is hands-down, undeniably, 100% the funniest person I have ever met.  He makes me laugh everyday.  

1.  He's wonderful husband and father.   He's my best friend and I look forward to spending my life with him as he grows old and I stay the same age.   

Love you,

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  1. Can I just add to your list that I love your Rooster because he helped save MY Doug's life! For that, I will be eternally grateful!!