Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Bub and Goose going to the big slide.

Our family made our annual pilgrimage 5 miles up the road to the Corn Maze.  It is hands down one of my favorite activities we do and is gingerly anticipated each year.  

A hayride down an old dusty trail, finding your own perfect pumpkin, a child sized corn maze, and all the other surprises we get to rediscover each year.  

Add on a gorgeous fall day.   Life really cannot get better.  


The only down this year was when we were entering the farm.   Much to our surprise they have changed their pricing structure this year.   Previously they had an ala carte pricing structure where you could choose what items you wanted your family to participate in at the Maze.  Having young children we do not do the large Maze (which, as a pre-children person I loved and look forward to doing again when Goose and Bub get a little older), but this year's pricing structure includes admission to it in our ticket price.  

Basically, our admission price was double what it was last year for the same thing.   

You may be asking, can you really put a price tag on memories?   Well folks, I can tell you if you could it would be $52.90. 

Bub coming out of the GIANT slide. 

After that blip, we were on our way!   First stop on the agenda was going down the giant slide made to look like an old mine shaft.   Goose and Bub bravely began walking to the top of the hill.

Then, Bub being the 4 year-old boy he is went barrelling up the steps leaving Goose to fend for herself at the bottom. 

Goose, for lack of a better word, tends to be a little on the nervous side.  

Meeting a new person?   No, thanks.   I prefer my mom.

Going into a dark room?  No way!  There may be a new person in there!

Being abandoned by my brother to go down a giant slide that I do not know where it will take me?  You can imagine how that one would go.  

So thank goodness  Unfortunately, we do not have a photograph to document what happened next, but let's just say the result went a little something like this... 
  1. Goose and I going up the steps with each step closer to the top resulting in a little whimper from her.  
  2. Once to the top, Goose screaming at the assistant trying to help us.  
  3. After making it clear the assistant should not touch or speak to her, Goose and I going at the speed of light to the bottom of the slide (have I made it clear it was a GIANT slide?) as both of us screaming at the top of our voices.  
  4. Once arriving at the bottom of the GIANT slide we both go rolling around in the dust a little bit.
  5. After regaining our composure pulling ourselves up off the ground. 
  6. Then one of us asking the Rooster if we have dust on our bottom.
  7. The other asking to ride the GIANT slide again.  
  8. The one with the dusty bottom vetoing riding the slide again.
On second thought, considering the looky-lous who were watching this all play out there may be photographs to document what happened.  


Assuring us he can see everything!

We then went and found some old tractor tires to climb on.  Dusty Bottom did not climb, but Bub was very proud to make it to the top.  

Assuring us she doesn't need to see everything.

After some coaxing from the Rooster, Goose made it to the top, too.  

We will being washing this out of her hair for days.

We then went and played in the what I have discovered to be the bane of my mothering. 

Sand.   I hate sand.   But, we had paid for it so sure as the devil we were going to use it!  

Not very confident. 

Then it was time for my very favorite part of the day!   A tractor ride that would take us to find our pumpkins!  

Goose was not very confident in the tractor, wagon, or kind man who were driving us.   Though Daddy made it a little bit better.  

Resting after a full day.

Once arriving at the pumpkin patch Bub quickly found his pumpkin.  He quickly determined it to be the perfect seat after all the exploring we had been doing.  

Too heb-ee.
Goose was a little more selective.   I believe it would be completely accurate to say that she touched every pumpkin in the patch just to report back "Too heb-ee." (Too heavy).  

The perfect one!
By this time I would have been happy to drop another $52.90 just to find her one that was not "too heb-ee" to get home.  

But she finally found the perfect one. 

And life was good (except having to face that scary hayride back to the car). 


  1. When will you blog about me?? Ha! Amber

  2. Haha I'm less than 24 hours in! It's coming!

  3. Bea, don't worry! I will have plenty to blog about you.