Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Dog...

Once upon a time there was a wonderful dog.  
His name was Simon.   He had his own theme song I sang frequently.  It went a little something like this: 

Simon, Simon
Fabulous Simon
Simon's so swell
You're so outrageous!

He loved it.   Others did, too.  

Simon came to us shortly after the Rooster and I were married.   Actually we got him two weeks before we found out we were going to have Bub.   That is probably why I spent my time singing songs to him.
Simon, to put it delicately, was not your classic beauty.   At 11 years-old we didn't know much about the story of his life before coming into our family, but he obviously had one to tell. 

Simon's most distinctive feature was his single, prominent tooth from which his lower lip gaped open.   Upon meeting Simon, people would often ask something along the lines of, "Now, is something wrong with his mouth?" 

I liked to act shocked and say, "No?!?  What did you do to him?"  as I scooped him up in my arms pretending it was the first time I had seen it.  It got them every time.  Then I'd usually sing him his song to make him feel better about himself.  

One of the most amazings things about Simon, though, is one that I don't think many people believe.   Simon had magical powers.  Yes!  I promise!  In the first month of having him he:
  1. Moved a baby gate that we still have no idea how he did it and escaped to the living room. 
  2. He completely seperated a plastic pet taxi and escaped to the living room.  
  3. He bent the metal on a cage and escaped to the living room.   
  4. He chewed the frame off of a door and tried to escape to the living room.  
  5. He jumped out of an open window 7 feet to the ground.  He was waiting at the living room front door to be let in.
  6. He chewed his way through a paneled door to escape to the living. 
By that point we finally got it in our heads that he liked the living room.  So, that is where we left him and he happily stayed from then on out. 

After Bub and then Goose came along life changed for Simon a bit.   He didn't get sang to as frequently and his multiple naps a day were often interrupted. 
However, I think that he felt that it was more than made up for in all the hugs and extra snacks (mostly in the form of Goldfish and Cheerios)  he received.  
Very sadly, 4 and a half years after coming into our lives it was time for Simon to leave.   He got sick and we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to our fabulous friend.  

Our hearts were all broken.   Nearly a year later we still talk about how much we love him.  

He really was a wonderful dog. 
We decided that we are just dog people.  That for our home to fill full and hearts happiest we needed a dog in our life.  

We then got another wonderful dog.  His name is Scooby.  

As any mother with more than one child can tell you, no two children are ever the same.  

Well, knowing that I don't know why in the world I expected Simon Part II when we got Scooby.  Simon was an 11 year-old,  16 lbs mixed breed, docile dog.  Scooby was a 6 week old, growing to be 60ish lbs, wild man Labradoodle . 
The differences don't stop there though.  

Simon was frequently a house guest at my parents', aunt's, friends', and in-laws' homes.   Scooby stayed once with my parents and I think word got out.   He has not been invited anywhere since.  

Simon never chewed on anything (well, short of the 2x4's of the door frame.. but that has long since been forgiven, so it doesn't really count).   So far Scooby  has passed Silly Bandz, pacifiers, crayons, hair bows, Barbie's hand, and many other small unidentified plastic things.  

Simon's energy level was slightly above that of a grizzly bear in the height of hibernation.   Scooby requires walking several miles a day in order to be functional.  

Every time we picked up Simon from the groomer they went on and on about what a good boy he was while visiting.  When I picked up Scooby for the first time last week they told me, "He sure is happy to see you!"   I think they left out that they were happy to see me, too.  
However, one similarly both Simon and Scooby share is that they are both very loved and will firmly always be important parts of our family.  It is funny how dogs can do that to you. 

Now, if I could only figure out a theme song for Scooby.  

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