Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So, I had a baby

It is officially 4:38 AM and I have been unable to sleep for the past hour.   This is nothing short of miraculous.  You see for the past 8 months anytime there is an opportunity to sleep I have taken it.  Sometimes, in fact, I start to daydream about sleep only to find that I have actually fallen asleep in the middle of my daydream about sleep.  In addition, when I'm not sleeping I am typically doing 3 other things all at the same time.  The "things" that I'm doing vary, however, it is without exception that whenever I am doing what I'm doing it is while doing something else.  Redundant and repetitive?  Blame it on the lack of sleep. 

So, as you have likely have figured out why my head is stuck in a cloud that obviously does not contain a thesaurus.  Back in May, I met this guy:

Who seemingly overnight (note, apparently when I was sleeping) turned into this guy:

I realize that I am biased, however, you have to admit he is the most precious thing you have ever seen.  Isn't he?  If they made chocolate babies, they would make them look just like him because everyone would just want to eat him right up, every last bite.  Like until they had a stomach ache, but then they would still say, "Give me more of that delicious chocolate baby!  He's just so yummy!"   Then I would say, "Don't eat my chocolate baby!  He's all mine!"  Err, anyways... 
This is my precious Moses. Even just typing his name makes my heart swell and my breath catch.  I love this baby.  In addition to trying to sleep and get people not to eat him, I have spent the last 8 months wondering how I ever got to lucky to get to be his momma. 
What, you want just one more?  Okay: 
*Disclaimer, he does actually wear clothes occasionally. 


  1. I actually have taken a small nibble off this precious little piece of chocolate and it was DELISH! Sleep is overrated...said no mom ever. ;)

  2. He is tasty! And needs you to bite on him soon!