Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why I Stopped Blogging

For the majority of my life I have hated writing.  I have always been an avid reader (and by avid reader, I mean prior to becoming a momma in 2006...  the majority of my reading now happens when I hole myself up in the bathroom to hide).  However, writing was a whole other beast.  The physical process of writing was painful.  Just the very thought of writing something as simple as a "Happy Birthday, Love the Hen Family" in a greeting card was enough to give me a hand cramp.  And seriously, if I had given any forethought to the thank you cards that come with getting married, I would likely have stayed single.  Just kidding, Rooster.  Just kidding.  

When I was in middle school I was given an electronic typewriter for a Christmas gift.  It openned up a whole new world.  Of course it didn't spare me of this real special day, but it did make writing a lot more of a possibility.  A few years later I got a computer and whiz-bang-boom I was amazed.  What had been such a painful process wasn't so bad after all.  I actually enjoyed writing for the first time in my life.

Most writing that I did for the next several years were standard academic writing mixed with emails.   Then nearly 2 years ago I started this little blog.  I wrote nearly weekly little quips about our life here at the Hen's House.  Some funny-ish, some more of a look into my heart.   But, I truly fell in love with writing when this blog was birthed.

I loved writing those little post  not always knowing exactly who would read them, but sharing my heart and life with those readers.   I got a lot of positive feedback and truly looked forward to blogging.  That first year I wrote nearly 40 post. 

Then, the past year I have only written twice.  Two little post.  As someone who thoroughly enjoys reading blogs I have noticed that is not an uncommon occurrence.  There are many bloggers, for whatever reason, they just stop writing.   Their blogs just get lost in cyberspace.

I don't want that to happen to my little blog.   I have been thinking about why I stopped blogging about a year ago and haven't really be able to discern what made me stop.  I always thought it would be cool that several years from now if my children were able to read my post to laugh and cry about how life looked when they were little.  That's something I still want.  Sort of a recorded history of things like this, or this, or this jewel.   Unfortunately so much of the richness of life from the past year has not be written.  That's probably one of my biggest regrets in not keeping up with this blog.

But, who is to say we can't give it another go?  Yes, let's do that.  So, we will call this The Hen's House 2.0.  A second go at tending to my little blog.  My goal is to write a couple post each week.  I hope that you enjoy it and spend some time here.  And to everyone else welcome back!

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  1. I've been neglecting my blog as well....let's pick up the speed and rejoin the blog world, shall we?

    p.s. I love reading your blog!