Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Don't Need No Education...

It seems impossible that yesterday we brought Bub home from the hospital and now "it" is here.  "It" is something I have thought about hundreds of times since he was born and yet it has somehow snuck up on me.  "It" has been the mile marker (in my mind at least) of when he is truly transitioning from a baby to a child.   But, the clothes are picked out.  The Mystery Machine lunchbox and homemade, coordinating tote bag are ready. He's got a slick new haircut and he's even been brushing his teeth twice a day (don't judge my parenting).  So, other that me emotionally, we are ready for "it" to happen.  He is officially going to start kindergarten. There has many tears and gnashing of teeth. 

Well the gnashing of teeth has primary been from this guy:

But, there has certainly been plenty of tears on my end.  Tears of happiness over the strong child he has become.   Tears of sadness realizing that "yesterday" that we brought him home has already been over 5 years ago.  Tears of hope on whom he is becoming.  Tears of gratitude that I get to see him every morning.   And tears of confusion and doubt on what this chapter will look.

I have been thinking a lot lately (well... lately actually meaning the past 5 years) about what I hope Bub's teacher is like.  And I think more than anything my hope for her is that she sees her job as not preparing Bub for 1st grade, but for life while doing everything she can to preserve and appreciate who he is today.

Because let's be honest.  He's the bomb.

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